About Me

Discover passionate and stylish photography that defines you.

Photography exists to trigger interests. It makes people discover and learn more; and in the long run, be a visual reminder of how great, happy, sad, beautiful and memorable a moment was. It can be exciting and quite rare to get a successful picture in a crowd of other photographers. My goal, when I take a picture is to make an image that is both artistic and gets an idea across to the viewer. What I enjoy most and what I’m good at is capturing the stories of ordinary people creating extraordinary memories. I want to pull the viewer into a story because my images trigger an emotional response and have impactful content that invites discovery.

I also work in a variety of artistic fields, where the past meets the present and melodrama is mixed with dreamy compositions. I have an eye for melancholic landscapes. My biggest passion is making minimalist photographs of the complex world we live in; clearing the clutter, so that we can see the beauty in life. My lengthy experience has allowed me to develop a distinctive signature style, sewed together with a rich presence of originality.

Peek into my intriguing world, where past, present and future merge into a world intertwined with curiosity towards life and its multiple sources of inspiration.

Weddings – Lifestyle – Glamour – Birthdays – Mitzvahs – Cake Smash – Portfolio – Family Portraits – Landscapes – Real Estate – Photojournalism – Baby Showers – Sports Tournaments – Food Photography – And more !